Castles in the sky

There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds- Gilbert K. Chesterton

The Holy book (The Bible) says that if one must build, choosing the right foundation is important. Counting the cost- is important.

Even cartoons have shown us that flimsy materials get huffed and puffed down by the big bad wolf.

Gilbert says setting rules for castles with no foundation is pointless. I take this from his statement- there is no limit to what you can dream when your castle is in the clouds!

Dream big!

Build, expand and diversify!

Your castle is as big as your mind can make it!

However, how this castle holds when it needs to come down to earth is dependent on the foundation it is laid upon!

The Earth in this scenario is your life! Will this castle fit? Do you have a sturdy enough foundation to accommodate your castle? Have you put in the work on ground to match the extent of your castle?

If the foundation is too small or weak, and the castle is large and elaborate, it cannot stand!

If the foundation is large and strong but the castle is too small, it will dwarf the structure.

What ideas, innovations, books, etc. have you built in your clouds of imagination?

How have you prepared your foundation- your life, skillset, mindset, habits etc. to accommodate your castle?

Take that class!

Launch that idea!

Step out and jump!

There are no buts…

Because what if you excel!

What if you change the world!

What if you fly!

Like Nike, Just Do It!

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